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About Hop Hop

Hop Hop is portrayed by Plunket van Stolk. 

English, born in Africa, she studied in Johannesburg, England and Rotterdam.

Plunket married a Hollander and together they lived some years in Mozambique, Port, (East Africa). She has 2 sons and a daughter. The family lived several years in England and later in Holland.
Currently Plunket is living and working in the Dutch artist village Bergen NH, Holland.
Next to Hop Hop (a nickname given by her daughter) she is a painter.


Meet and greet

We organise meet and greet sessions in Bergen once in a while. Follow Hop Hop on FB and see when the next meeting will take place. 

Tell us your favourite jokes

We're always looking for new material. So if you know a great joke that would fit Hop Hop, please share it with us, and who knows, one day it might be performed by Hop Hop. You can leave a message on the contact page

Questions and answers:

Question: Is it true you have a Butler?                             Hop Hop: I most certainly do! 

Question: Do you make up your own jokes?                    Hop Hop: Hahaha. 


Question: How many hats do you have?                          Hop Hop: At least 70


Question: How old is Hop Hop?                                         Hop Hop: Who cares! 

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